Archaeology and Ancient Civilizations 

Students in grade seven study the social, cultural, and technological changes that occurred in Europe, Africa, and Asia in the years A.D. 500–1789. After reviewing the ancient world and the ways in which archaeologists and historians uncover the past, students study the history and geography of great civilizations that were developing concurrently throughout the world during medieval and early modern times. They examine the growing economic interaction among civilizations as well as the exchange of ideas, beliefs, technologies, and commodities.


Archaeology -History Unit - Berg (2)

Archeology Tools

Archaeology Can You Dig It (2)

Following Directions Lesson-S...


Books about Archeology and SW United States

Mr. Donn's Archeology for Kids Resources

Archeology Resources on NOVA

 Project Archaeo   

Websites and Interactives

Project Archaeo                Archeological Process        'Ology - Archeology Clues from the Past

Archeology's Interactive Digs   Buena Vista Museum of Natural History (Bakersfield)

Crow Canyon Archeological Center      Explore Real Artifacts

Archeology by BBC          Curly the Curator       Arrange the Bones    

Dirt Detective   

DIG!           Xpeditions  by National Geographic      A Visit to the Pyramids

National Geographic Reports from the Ruins         Pyramid Challenge

Building the Great Pyramids Game           NOVA online Pyramid Adventure

Explore an Egyptian Tomb        National Parks Archeology for Kids

COSO Rock Art - Archeology              Kern County Archeological Society

Reed Farmstead Archaeology Stratigraphy -layers of earth

Surveying - grid, surface collect Artifacts -from the old farm

Çatalhöyük - an archaeological site PDF file for Çatalhöyük


Egyptian Tomb Adventure        Egyptian Adventure - Try to Get Out ALIVE!

Aton-Ra - The Lost Statue    Virtual Cartouche Maker     Hieroglyphics (interactive)

Write your name in hieroglyphics     Send a Buried Message     

King Tut Online Games & Activities    The Mummy Maker    Making a Mummy

Mummies and the Underworld Challenge      The Mummy Tomb     

Lots More Mummy Games      Giza Pyramid     More Pyramid Games

I read it in the Book of the Dead      Welcome to Eternity Travel - Plan Your Afterlife (game)

Shuffling Time       Tools of the Trade      Deep in the Tombs of Egypt