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Estimating Angles
Shoot the Spaceship
Angles Game - Shoot the Sapceship An alien speceship will appear on the screen.

Click the + and - buttons to set the laser's angle correctly towards the alien.

Click the "fire" button to shoot the laser.
Setting the Correct Angle
Squirt the dog - Angles Game In every trial you will be given a target - one of the objects of the playground (the dog, the castle, the slide etc.).

Set an angle Using the red arrows, and drag it onto the hose.
Then the hose will rotate according to the angle given, and hopefully will squirt the water on the correct target.
Setting the Correct Angle
Kung Fu Angles
Kung Fu Angle Games For Kids You are a Kung Fu warrior and you are standing in the middle of a circle.
Your opponent is standing somewhere on the circle.

Type the correct angle you have to turn in order to face your opponent.

Estimating Angles
Telescope Star Gazing
Telescope star gazing angles game Eight stars are located in the sky.

Your job is to spot them with your telescope.

Type the number of degrees to rotate it, and click the "Point Telescope" Button.

Try to make it on time before the sunrise!
Rotating Angles Clockwise and Counter-Clockwise
Fruit Picker
Fruit Picker Angles Game Fruits are located around half a circle.

Your job is to pick them up by turning your picker with the correct angle, clockwise or counterclockwise.

Plan your movements carefully in order to pick all the fruits with the least number of angle rotations.
Estimating Angles
Alien Angles
Angle Aliens Game In every trial you will be given a number which represents the alien's angle, and your job is to recreate this angle with lines, as accurately as possible.

When you are ready, click the "Check It" button and a missile will shoot along the line you set.

If you were accurate enough, the missile will hit the alien.

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